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Pioneer in coal mining and the family owned coal mines in Bihar , india , producing about 5 lac tons per month, prior to nationalization . In the aftermath of the partition helped several displaced families settle and established educational institutions.The company is a private limited organization.

We have over the years, developed our capabilitys in supply chain , maintainence and operation of heavy earth moving machines, rehabilitation of used machines and have supported several coal and mineral companys in the upkeep of their fleet of machines all over india .

Services we offer:


Mission is to aim at quality performance, efficiency of operations for customers and promote safety of the highest standards, satisfaction and goodwill generated from its services. We shall constantly keep incorporating latest technologies to improve the quality of our product and services.

We will strive to deliver our services most efficiently and competitively by employing a highly motivated workforce, , assets of the highest standards upgraded with the latest technology and implementing the best process and system in the industry.



Services we offer:

  • Railway
  • Exploration management
  • Drilling Data Generation
  • Geophysical Investigation
  • Heavy Earthmoving Machine

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